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Julian Woman Dies in San Diego County Head-on Car Crash

By San Diego Car Accident Lawyer on January 27, 2010 - Comments off

A 36-year old Julian woman died tragically as her car, a Chevrolet Astro minivan, rammed into a stationary Oldsmobile 98 station wagon, which had crossed over the center divide of highway SR-67 near San Vicente Reservoir. The East San Diego County auto accident also seriously injured the driver of the Oldsmobile, John Hallaway of Las Vegas. The driver of the minivan was killed instantly.
This fatal car accident occurred on January 26, 2010, around 2:30 p.m near Johnson Lake Road. Apparently, the station wagon, had swerved across the road and continued against the southbound traffic for over a quarter of mile.The minivan could not swerve away to avoid the wrong-way driver.The victim’s name has been withheld by the California Highway Patrol awaiting notification from her family. Mr. Hallaway suffered major injuries and was airlifted to a local trauma center. Hallaway claims that he could not control his vehicle because he had fallen asleep just before the crash. You can read more about this accident in this story.
sr-67 highway auto accident
Such freak accidents tend to leave one shaky and faithless in the conduct of other motorists. Clearly, Mr. Hallaway’s failure to keep his vehicle on the right side of the road led to this horrific traffic collision. Who would have thought that despite adhering to all the norms and regulations of driving, the young lady would die this way? Our wishes and prayers go out to the family and friends of the deceased woman. We understand how tough it is to cope with the passing away of someone so close to you. Everything seems so unfair!
If you or a loved one has been injured in a San Diego County auto accident, please contact San Diego, CA car accident lawyer Ross Jurewitz and the San Diego personal injury lawyers at the Jurewitz Law Group. You may also contact these San Diego injury attorneys online or at 888-233-5020for a free consultation and helpful information.
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San Diego Man Killed by Local Baseball Prospect in Deadly Spring Valley Car Accident

By San Diego Car Accident Lawyer on January 25, 2010 - Comments off

50-year old David Reid was killed in a violent car accident in Spring Valley, California last Friday. The serious injury auto accident also left Mr. Reid’s teenage son, Garrett, with major injuries. Andrew Bellatti, 18-years old recent graduate from Steele Canyon High School and a recent draftee of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball franchise, crashed head-on into Reid in a red Mustang, killing him. Bellatti, along with his companion and Reid’s son, were sent to the hospital with significant injuries.
spring valley car accident
According to the California Highway Patrol, the red Mustang drove head-on into Reid’s Dodge Caravan. The crash happened in one of Spring Valley’s most dangerous highways, Highway 94, where the roads are known to be narrow and accident prone. One of the Reids’ close friends, Russ Hadley and son Joshua, expressed utter shock and sadness over the loss of David Reid and were sad to hear it happened on Highway 94. There will be an open service held for David Reid next Sunday, January 31. More information regarding the car crash in Spring Valley can be found in this story.
There have been several reports on car accidents and injuries in which teenagers and young adults are the ones behind the wheel, all of which end up in traumatic experiences, loss, and pain. David Reid’s death is just one of the many tragic stories of San Diego car accidents that could have been avoided. It is important for the citizens of San Diego County to lessen the number of car crashes caused by young adults by being more aware of the dangers of driving along steep roads, in wet and rainy conditions, and to always observe the speed limit. Mr. Bellati’s speedometer was frozen at 80 mph in a 55 mph zone.
If you or any of your loved ones are victims of a Spring Valley auto accident and are in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact San Diego County car accident lawyer Ross Jurewitz and the Spring Valley injury attorneys of the Jurewitz Law Group for more information. You can contact these San Diego, CA personal injury lawyers at 888-233-5020 or online for helpful information and a free initial consultation.
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Victim of Fatal Santee Car Accident Identified

By San Diego Car Accident Lawyer on September 25, 2009 - Comments off

Recently, the Jurewitz Law Group reported on a fatal Santee car crash that was the second accident seen at the intersection within a month. The victim has just been identified as a 53-year-old radiology technician.
The San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office reported that Pamela Sue Marabeas of Santee was killed when a pickup truck struck the driver’s side of her SUV as she crossed through an intersection at Mission Gorge Road and California State Route 125, near 6:30 a.m. on September 20, 2009.
Marabeas had been the sole occupant of her vehicle, and died at the scene of the fatal San Diego County auto accident. The driver of the pickup truck had to be rushed to the hospital and remains in critical condition.
If you or a loved one has ever been injured or killed in a Santee auto accident, contact Santee auto accident lawyer Ross Jurewitz and the San Diego car accident attorneys of the Jurewitz Law Group at (619) 233-5020. You may also contact these San Diego, CA personal injury lawyers online here.


Second Santee Car Accident at Intersection that Claimed Life of CHP Officer

By San Diego Car Accident Lawyer on September 24, 2009 - Comments off

The intersection where CHP Officer Saylor perished in a fiery San Diego car wreck, along with his wife, daughter, and brother-in-law, claimed another life on September 20, 2009, making it two fatal San Diego motor vehicle accidents within less than a month for the Santee location.
This second San Diego County car accident occurred at 6:35 a.m. at the intersection of Mission Gorge Road at California State Route 125, according to Lt. Gary Steadman of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. One person riding in the vehicle was killed while another was rushed to the hospital for treatment of serious injuries. The newest auto collision was reportedly caused when their vehicle hit a berm and veered off the roadway into a dirt construction area.
If you or a loved one has ever been injured or killed in a Santee car accident, contact Santee car accident lawyer Ross Jurewitz and the San Diego, CA auto accident lawyers of the Jurewitz Law Group at (619) 233-5020. You may also contact these San Diego, CA personal injury lawyers online here.
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Two Fatal East San Diego County Motorcycle Accidents This Week

By San Diego Car Accident Lawyer on September 22, 2009 - Comments off

Two people have died this week in two East San Diego County motorcycle accidents. The first was the tragic accident of Mark Anthony Taylor when he was hit by an unlicensed car driver, which the Jurewitz Law Group has already reported. The second fatal motorcycle accident occurred in Descanso and was just reported by the San Diego County Coroner’s Office.
Marleea Anne Gerfen, 21, was killed September 13th after fracturing her cervical spine in a motorcycle accident along California’s Highway 79 while she was traveling southbound near Lookout Road in Descanso. Gerfen had been a servicewoman with the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar on active duty. She struck a dirt berm just as she approached a bend in the highway, causing her to crash on her motorcycle.
Though 911 was called and there was serious resuscitative effort on the paramedic’s part, she was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene in this fatal San Diego motorcycle accident.
If you or a loved one has ever been injured or killed in a San Diego, CA motorcycle accident, contact San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer Ross Jurewitz and the traffic accident lawyers of the Jurewitz Law Group at (619) 233-5020. You may also contact these San Diego, CA personal injury lawyers online here.
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Victims of Deadly San Diego Car Crash Immortalized

By San Diego Car Accident Lawyer on May 18, 2009 - Comments off

The friends and family of those closest to a Santee woman recently started a memorial site online to preserve her memory and spirit despite her death.
The 25-year-old Santee woman, Melissa Ann Porter, was the victim of a deadly car wreck last Friday. Porter was exiting Interstate 805 at Clairemont Mesa Boulevard when the Chevrolet pickup she was driving crossed the lanes of traffic. Sergeant Ramona Hastings reported that her truck collided with a parked tractor trailer, and both caught on fire from the auto accident. Despite the help of a passer-by who pulled Porter from the truck, Porter still died at the scene.

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Report of Fatal Ramona Car Accident Completed Regarding Death of Alexandria Drake

By San Diego Car Accident Lawyer on May 6, 2009 - Comments off

The long standing investigation of the March 29th San Diego County car accident which took the life of 25 year-old mother Alexandria Drake was completed recently by the California Highway Patrol and submitted for review to the District Attorney’s Office. While the CHP have not released specifics on their recommendations for charges against Melvin Pearls, 48, of Ranchita, they will be made available at a later date, according to Deputy District Attorney Doug Rose.
The highly publicized San Diego County fatal car crash ensued when Pearles was driving along the highly problematic State Route 67 near Ramona. Pearles was driving about 80 mph in a Jaguar when he lost control and crossed into oncoming traffic and reportedly collided with several vehicles, one driven by Alexandria Drake of Chula Vista. The collision spun Drake’s car off the road and into a tree, resulting in her death.
Pearles claims that the cause of his losing control was a white BMW just east of Archie Moore Road where the highway’s two lanes merge. It had been originally thought that the drivers of the Jaguar and BMW had been street racing, although not confirmed, and the white BMW had disappeared and never stopped after the car collisions.

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San Diego County Car Accidents Pile Up Along Stretch of State Route 67

By San Diego Car Accident Lawyer on May 1, 2009 - Comments off

State Route 67 runs off of Interstate 8 in El Cajon to Lakeside, known as the San Vicente Freeway before turning into Main Street in Ramona, California. A variety of terrain and changes in the road’s usage have caused several drivers to overestimate or misjudge their driving. The roughly 25 mile stretch of highway in San Diego County has seen dozens of fatal auto accidents in the past decade, and only seem to continue.

The death of Chula Vista resident Alexandria Drake, 25, and her infant son that took place about a month ago along the highway due to what was thought to be street racing and turned into a hit-and-run fatal auto accident in San Diego County by one of the cars is under investigation, but it has opened awareness to the dangers of the route at a few select areas of State Route 67.

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Two Seriously Injured in San Diego County Rollover Auto Accident

By San Diego Car Accident Lawyer on April 10, 2009 - Comments off

A Chevrolet Tahoe driving southbound on SR-67 overturned and rolled an estimated 60 feet below on Wednesday. The accident happened around 7:30 a.m. north of Lakeside near Slaughterhouse Canyon Road. The sides and roof of the sport utility vehicle were completely crushed, and the two passengers inside had to be removed by professional rescue crews. You can read more about this San Diego County auto accident in this story.

View Larger Map
This is one of many car accidents in San Diego County that have recently occurred on the small, 24 mile stretch of Highway 67. Portions of the road have been known by certain lethal nicknames, such as “Blood Alley”, due to its windy and hilly disposition that gives way to numerous fatal car and motorcycle accidents yearly. While the cause of this incident is still under investigation, many auto accidents in this area are due to alcohol related offenses, driver fatigue, simple negligence, and the road’s sharp turns itself.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a San Diego car accident, contact your San Diego car accident lawyer Ross Jurewitz and the San Diego personal injury attorneys at the Jurewitz Law Group at (619) 233-5020. You may also contact these San Diego car accident lawyers online here.


Tightened Highway Enforcement Hopes to Lower Fatal San Diego Auto Accidents

By San Diego Car Accident Lawyer on April 7, 2009 - Comments off

SR-67 in East San Diego County has the ability to make one feel as though they have left the city and its sprawling suburbs. The approximately twenty-four miles of road starts from an interchange with Interstate 8 in El Cajon and ends at an interchange with California SR-78 in Ramona is known not only for the winding and mountainous route it takes, but consequently the high incident of auto accidents seen on its scenic back country stretch. Most of these car wreck accidents tend to be fatal.
Since 2006, the 19 fatalities due to car crashes on California Highway 67 include 11 due to drunk driving. Despite the reputation this road has received for car and motorcycle accidents, it has not seemed to affect the attitude of drivers as the death toll remains steadily on its increasing pattern. Even if one does not drink and drive, it is important to remember that others on the road may not be as responsible. Always be cautious and alert to avoid potential auto accidents.

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