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San Diego Street Racing Car Accident Seriously Injures Racer

A San Diego street racing car accident near the SDSU campus near Adam’s Avenue’s Antique Row injured one of its’ racers. Two cars were racing one another in the southbound lanes of Interstate 15 when the cars crashed shortly after 10 p.m. on September 3, 2009.

The auto accident sent debris into the air which collided with a vehicle traveling in the northbound lanes. One of the participants in the street race had to be treated for serious injuries at the scene.

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Street Racing Driver Who Caused Fatal SR-67 Accident to be Charged with Manslaughter

The well-publicized death of Alexandria Drake (we’ve written about her story in San Diego Car Accident on SR-67, Mother Killed in Ramona Street Racing Accident, and Alexandria Drake’s SR67 Car Crash) has taken a new step now that one of the drivers will be charged with manslaughter. Alexandria Drake was a 25 year old mother who died when, according to witnesses, one car of two that were street racing on the State Route 67 in San Diego slammed into her car, killing her with her infant child in the back seat. The second car, identified as a white BMW, sped off and has not been found.

After a few months of suspense and legalities as the case was being sifted through, the driver of the car that hit Drake’s, Melvin Pearless, will be charged with manslaughter and should appear in court on Thursday. If convicted, he faces up to six years in prison. Authorities are still seeking to find the driver of the white BMW that had been racing with Pearless. You can read more about this San Diego County car accident in this story.

Fatal San Diego Car Accident Occurred Days Before New SR-67 Safety Plan Unveiled

State Route 67 between El Cajon and Ramona is a dangerous stretch of road with many twists and turns. The street has no barriers between southbound and northbound drivers and 11 people died last year in accidents along this San Diego County highway. You can read more in this story.

Speed sensor signs are posted along the highway showing that many people drive above the speed limit on this windy road. In the upcoming year, San Diego drivers can expect more California Highway Patrol on the dangerous stretch of road. They plan to nail speeders who just can’t seem to slow down. Just hours before the CHP received $265,000 for the new plan, another serious car accident happened along the highway where two cars clipped each other with no major injuries.

Update On Alexandria Drake’s SR67 Car Crash

We have written about Alexandra Drake’s death from a San Diego car accident on SR-67 here and here. The auto accident happened due to 2 drivers street racing in oncoming traffic.

The man driving the Jaguar that hit Alexandria Drake’s Volvo on SR67 this past Sunday has been identified as Melvin Pearless, 47, of Ranchita. Pearless will most likely be charged with vehicular manslaughter. The driver of the BMW is still being sought after for questioning. You can read more in this story.

Alexandra Drake Identified as Mother Killed in Ramona Street Racing Car Accident

Yesterday we posted this article about a Ramona car accident that was caused by two racing cars. Alexandra Drake was taken to Palomar Hospital after the auto accident where she fought for her life until she passed away. The 25-year-old mother left her 4 week baby, Jayden, behind. Jayden survived the crash without any serious injuries thanks to Drake’s responsible care of correctly securing Jayden in a child’s seat. You can read more about this car crash and Drake’s tragic death in this story.

Alexandra Drake’s mother saw the auto accident from her rear view mirror as she drove in front of Drake at the time of the crash. Yesterday, we wrote that a gold Jaguar was racing a white Mercedes. However, a California Highway Patrol spokesperson has since confirmed that the Mercedes was actually a BMW. California Highway Patrol officials are still looking for information about the car wreck and are searching for the driver of the BMW. If you have any information, please contact them.

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