Street Racing Driver Who Caused Fatal SR-67 Accident to be Charged with Manslaughter

The well-publicized death of Alexandria Drake (we’ve written about her story in San Diego Car Accident on SR-67, Mother Killed in Ramona Street Racing Accident, and Alexandria Drake’s SR67 Car Crash) has taken a new step now that one of the drivers will be charged with manslaughter. Alexandria Drake was a 25 year old mother who died when, according to witnesses, one car of two that were street racing on the State Route 67 in San Diego slammed into her car, killing her with her infant child in the back seat. The second car, identified as a white BMW, sped off and has not been found.

After a few months of suspense and legalities as the case was being sifted through, the driver of the car that hit Drake’s, Melvin Pearless, will be charged with manslaughter and should appear in court on Thursday. If convicted, he faces up to six years in prison. Authorities are still seeking to find the driver of the white BMW that had been racing with Pearless. You can read more about this San Diego County car accident in this story.

The story of Drake, the San Diego County resident who died young and in front of her child, has been made more tragic by the nature of the street racing incident and the cowardice of the second car driving away and leaving a fatal hit and run in San Diego in its wake.

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