Serious San Diego Rollover Car Accident On I-805 and SR-94

A serious San Diego rollover car accident occurred on April 21, 2011, on southbound Interstate 805 (I-805) at eastbound State Route 94 (SR-94), San Diego. According to the responding California Highway Patrol Officers, this serious traffic collision involved a truck.

From the present limited information, it is unclear what caused this major car accident and the extent of injuries to the driver and any occupant is also not known. Since the news says that it involved a truck, the involvement of more vehicles cannot be ruled out.

With such limited information, it becomes difficult to speculate whose fault this accident is. Who or which factor led caused this car wreck? Bad road conditions or poor design, manufacturing defect, or any driver’s negligence are a few of the many contributing factors.

The impact of this accident cannot be understated. The financial impact to the injured people includes hospitalization charges, costs involved in treatment of injuries, lost wages in the interim, pain and suffering, and several other damages that one cannot apprehend right now. The best act for anyone injured in this accident is to contact and consult with an experienced San Diego car accident attorney who would lead the victims through this tough and confusing time. The lawyer can help locate and collect the compensation needed for the injured motorists and do his own investigation if required.

Our personal injury office sincerely hopes that the injuries suffered by the victim or victims do not prove life threatening.

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