San Diego Car Accident Causes Power Outages

Two separate incidents on Sunday caused the loss of power to San Diego Gas & Electric customers on May 17, 2009, one of which was a reckless San Diego car accident.

Around 8 a.m., an unidentified car jumped a curb, smashed an electrical box, sheared off a fire hydrant, and flooded a business, according to a National City police dispatcher. It was also disclosed that someone had to be driven to the hospital after the crash in the 900 block east of Plaza Boulevard in a private vehicle. The crash caused extensive flooding at a shoe store adjacent to the crash scene, and SDG&E; customers lost power roughly between Highland and Palm Avenues, and 9th and 15th Streets.

Though the damage caused was relatively minor, it was caused by a reckless and unforgiving driver who clearly had the potential to do much worse on the road or with other vehicles nearby in the San Diego area. Many fatal auto accidents and problems on the road are caused by driver inattention and recklessness, and too many needless deaths occur on the road for these reasons.

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