Major Riverside County Auto Accident East Of Moreno Valley

A serious car accident occurred in Riverside County on April 20, 2011 about 8:50 a.m. near Alessandro Boulevard, east of Moreno Valley. According to the information available, the injured victims suffered minor injuries including bruises and facial lacerations.

From the available information, it is very difficult to paint the accident story. How many vehicles were involved? How many people were hurt? Was there any traffic violation? Was anyone driving under influence? Did anyone jump a red light? All this and many more questions are unanswered.

Such investigations are very intricate. Every minor detail has to be given importance. A skilled accident lawyer can undertake this task by engaging his own team of investigators to determine the cause of the accident and to hold those responsible for causing the accident. Although an official investigation process is on, the victims are advised to seek counsel from an experienced Riverside County car accident attorney who would assure thorough investigation of the cause of the accident and possibly obtain timely and fair compensation to pay for the cost of hospitalization, medical costs, loss of wages, and other accident related damages.

Our personal injury law office sincerely hopes that the injuries suffered by the victims heal soon.

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