Los Angeles Hit-And-Run Car Driver Kills Elderly Pedestrian

Gae Sum Park, 81, was killed in a fatal Los Angeles hit-and-run car accident that occurred on November 20, 2010 around 2:30 a.m. According to California Highway Patrol officers, this fatal pedestrian accident occurred at the intersection of Olympic and Harvard Boulevards in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, approximately 125 miles from San Diego.

Officials stated that Park was walking outside of the marked crosswalk at the time of the fatal car accident. Park sustained severe body and head trauma and was pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Police believes that Park was struck and killed by a hit-and-run vehicle, probably a Toyota 4Runner. We trust that this hit-and-run driver will soon be apprehended and brought to justice. It is illegal under California law to leave the scene of accident. This driver should have remained at the scene, waited for the authorities to arrive, and helped the injured victim in any way he could. He was required to stop irrespective of whether the accident was his fault or not. But, he chose to drive away from the scene, leaving Park dying in the street when he could have provided help and assistance. This makes us believe that the accident must have been his fault and was probably afraid to face the charges and ran away.

If the hit-and-run car driver is ultimately caught, Park’s family could be entitled to compensation for their loss if the accident is deemed the driver’s fault in any way. In California, the driver does not need to be 100% at fault to be held responsible. He is responsible for the damages his own negligence and carelessness caused. He would be held liable to pay the pedestrian’s family with compensation to cover the cost of funeral and burial, loss of love and compassion, and other accident related damages.

Park’s family should consult an experienced Los Angeles County car accident lawyer who will hire trained detectives to investigate the cause of this accident and search for the driver’s insurance policies and assets to pay for the loss of their mother and grandmother. We offer our sincere condolences to all those who knew and loved Park for such a heart rendering and upsetting loss.

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