Head-On Car Crash North of Moreno Valley

A serious two-car head-on accident in Riverside County occurred on April 19, 2011, around 5:24 p.m at Reche Canyon Road and Arroyo Drive in Moreno Valley. According to the information available,, a gray Honda collided with a green Toyota Camry due to unknown reasons.

An ambulance was called to help respond to the serious injuries suffered by the victims.

From the present limited information, it is unclear what caused this major car accident and the extent of injuries is also not known. Since it was a two car accident, any of the drivers involved could have been responsible for causing the accident. It would be interesting for the investigating officers to determine whether any of the drivers was driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drug. Though the investigation is in process, the victims should consult an experienced Riverside County car accident attorney who would assure that they fully investigate the cause of the accident and possibly obtain timely and fair compensation to pay for the cost of hospitalization, medical costs, loss of wages, and other accident related damages.

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