Defective Toyota Brakes Seriously Injure Hanford Woman

A 60-year old woman was severely injured in a Fresno auto accident when her Toyota Sienna minivan’s brake system ceased to work and it crashed into a truck at an intersection of 15th Street and Grangeville Boulevard, just west of Hanford. The car accident happened on March 13, 2010.

The injured, Lynda Bissenger, broke her feet due to the crash. She claims that the brakes failed to operate at a stop sign and the minivan caught fire after the collision. Her husband, David Beardsley, and the couple’s grandson managed to escape the minivan unhurt. A passerby came to the rescue of Bissenger who was taken to Saint Agnes Medical Centre where the doctors repaired her feet by putting in metal plates. The traffic accident is under investigation reported Jerry Pierce, California Highway Patrol spokesman.

The toll is considerably rising due to the problems found in the Toyota vehicles. Everyday people are getting injured or losing their life because of some type of vehicle malfunction. With the rising number of accidents and injuries, it does not seem that Toyota is doing enough to protect their customers.

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