911 Transcript Released from Fatal San Diego Car Crash

Recently, the Jurewitz law Group reported on the fatal San Diego car accident that involved an off-duty CHP officer and his family, when the accelerator of their rental car stuck and they collided with an SUV before their car caught on fire and burned at the bottom of the San Diego river in a fiery Santee auto crash.

The 911 call made by the brother-in-law of the CHP officer was recently released by San Diego 10 News, in a devastating account of the last minutes of the California Highway Patrol Officer, his wife, daughter, and brother-in-law on August 28. The car they had been riding in was a 2009 Lexus. The call was made by the brother-in-law Christopher Lastrella, and released to San Diego 10 News as the following:

Lastrella: “We’re on North 125 and our accelerator is stuck.”

911 Dispatcher: “I’m sorry?”

Lastrella: “Our accelerator is stuck. We’re on 125.”

911 Dispatcher: “Northbound 125. What are you passing?”

Lastrella: “We’re going 120. Mission Gorge. We’re in trouble. We can’t … there is no brakes. End freeway half mile.”

911 dispatcher: “You can’t do anything like turn off your engine?”

Lastrella: “We’re approaching the intersection. We’re approaching the intersection. We’re approaching the intersection.”

Others in the car are heard saying “hold on” and “pray.”

As investigation showed, the Lexus they were driving had had “all-weather” floor mats which were made for Lexus between 2004 and 2009, but recalled by Toyota in November 2007 due to complaints that if they were not properly installed the mats would slide forward and trap the gas pedal. A full report of the crash is due to be completed in a few weeks.

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